Renewable Energy Installation

Renewable Energy InstallationREI Services Ltd are a local (MCS) accredited biomass boiler supplier and installer, providing a range of top quality Austrian Biotech GmbH boilers, which are all (MCS) accredited to meet the NIRHI requirements.

Replacing inefficient and costly to run oil and gas LPG boilers with latest generation auto feed wood pellet boilers will typically half fuel costs.

Fuel cost reductions of 50% are possible under the Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive (NIRHI) a newly released DETI funded initiative scheme designed to promote the uptake of renewable heating.

Any business installing an MCS approved biomass boiler is eligible for entrance into the NIRHI scheme. Typically payback is under 5 years for an installation. NIRHI incentive payments are guaranteed for 20 years from commissioning at typically 6.2p per Kw/h.

Renewable Energy InstallationREI Services Ltd can further increase convenience and reduce costs by fitting solar collectors as part of your biomass heating solution. The solar thermal system can be connected either directly to the hot water supply cylinder providing ‘free’ top up hot water or supplied into a buffer tank to supplement the biomass fuelled hot water space heating system.

About MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme).

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an internationally recognized quality assurance scheme, supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The MCS certificates micro-generation products used to produce heat from renewable sources. In addition to this, the MCS certifies installation companies to ensure that these technologies have been installed and commissioned to the highest standard for the consumer.

As a local based installer REI offer:

  • Site survey to define your heating and fuel supply needs.
  • Tailored Installation quotation.
  • Estimate of potential annual fuel saving costs.
  • Professional assistance with RHI accreditation application and Ofgem approval of project.
  • Advice on access to 0% loans to offset installation costs.
  • On-going maintenance and support of installation by factory trained technicians.
  • Assistance with establishing fuel supplies (wood pellets) and establishing five year fixed pricing on supplies.
  • Consumer Protection. REI are a registered REAL Assurance supplier. REAL Assurance scheme is a consumer code of practice.
    • To visit a live operational REI installed biomass boiler facility or to book a heating survey please contact our Banbridge office.

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